The Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) represents the downstream hydrocarbon industry in the Arabian Gulf. Established in 2006, the association voices the common interests of more than 250 member companies from the chemical and allied industries, accounting for over 95% of chemical output in the Arabian Gulf region. The industry makes up the second largest manufacturing sector in the region, producing over USD 108 billion worth of products a year.

The association supports the region’s petrochemical and chemical industry through advocacy, networking and thought leadership initiatives that help member companies to connect, share and advance knowledge, contribute to international dialogue, and become prime influencers in shaping the future of the global petrochemicals industry.

Committed to providing a regional platform for stakeholders from across the industry, GPCA manages six working committees – Plastics, Supply Chain, Fertilizers (now known as Agri-nutrients), International Trade, Research and Innovation, and Responsible Care – and organizes six world-class events each year. The association also publishes an annual report, regular newsletters, and industry reports.

GPCA’s calendar events are a must-attend for senior industry executives from the region and the world. GPCA’s bespoke conferences, seminars and workshops attract a combined audience of over 3,000 delegates annually, offering access to world class facilities, programs and speakers, alongside unrivalled marketing and networking opportunities.

GPCA’s five key conferences and its flagship event, the Annual GPCA Forum, feature the best minds from the industry’s value networks and offer a high-quality, content -rich program. The conferences address diverse functional areas across the chemical value chain with a specific focus on Research and Innovation, Supply Chain, Responsible Care®, and specific segments of the industry including plastics and fertilizers. Providing the latest views and developments within the petrochemicals and chemical industry, the GPCA events’ drive collaboration and facilitate discussions, driving the conversation forward for a sustainable and secure future.

GPCA’s suite of events also enables exhibitors to display innovative solutions and technologies, build strong partnerships, launch novel products and strengthen business relationships. Over the years, GPCA has featured over 550+ exhibitors, an opportunity to collaborate and enhance the exchange of new ideas whilst facilitating direct access to top decision makers from the industry.

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GPCA has not only become the leading voice of the chemical industry in the GCC but also a trusted and reliable source of regional industry information which it provides on a regular basis in a series of reports, studies, and newsletters. GPCA had issued over 140 publications, which are available at our online library on the official GPCA website. GPCA publications focus on different segments of the industry, including polymers, agri-nutrients and related downstream industries, and provide insights on supply chain, international trade, circular economy, talent development and business strategy.

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In 2020, GPCA launched its successful new initiative, the GPCA Webinar Series, to adapt to the new norm of knowledge exchange and develop long-term relationships virtually. Built to highlight unparalleled access to key industry insights and facilitate strong leadership dialogues the webinars allow attendees to leverage from the strategic and tactical conversations on the most pressing subjects laid down by business leaders from the industry.

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GPCA Podcast is our latest thought leadership platform, designed to provide exclusive insights from the chemical market in the Arabian Gulf to both regional and global audiences. Each month, the podcast will facilitate leadership perspectives on timely and relevant topics and serve as a platform for exclusive, thought leadership content from the GCC region. It will regularly spotlight GPCA full members, regional initiatives, and the role of the chemical industry in regional development and advancing socio-economic and environmental targets.

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OUR INDUSTRY: Committed to championing initiatives and programs that continuously improve the regional industry’s overall standards.

Responsible Care® is a global, voluntary initiative adopted by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance.

The Gulf Sustainability and Quality Assessment System (Gulf SQAS) was launched by GPCA and spearheaded by the GPCA Supply Chain Committee in August 2014. Gulf SQAS is a system that extends Responsible Care® throughout the product supply chain by evaluating the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of logistics service providers.

International Trade: GPCA actively promotes the adoption of free market policies and for the elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers that impact chemicals trade negatively. In coordination with the GPCA International Trade Committee we strongly advocate the upholding of multilateral trade agreements under the World Trade Organization.

Plastics and Circular Economy: GPCA and its members fully support and advocate for a plastics circular economy in the GCC and globally. Through its annual conferences, advocacy efforts and participation in global initiatives, GPCA engages with the value chain network to facilitate effective collaboration and stimulate innovation in the creation of a circular economy in the region.


OUR ENVIRONMENT: Committed to creating awareness about recycling and waste management and encouraging a more responsible attitude toward litter.

Waste Free Environment is an annual environmental and educational initiative that falls under GPCA’s broader advocacy pillar. The campaign aims to promote responsible litter disposal and educate youth on waste management and recycling.

Marine Litter is human-created waste that has been intentionally or unintentionally discharged into the coastal or marine environment. In the Arabian Gulf, GPCA proactively supports global activities to address marine debris by leading the industry’s effort through various initiatives such as its global flagship campaign ‘Waste Free Environment’.

Operation Clean Sweep® is a global initiative by the plastic industry to reduce plastic pellet loss to the environment. Launched by the American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division and Plastics Industry Association in the US, today it is practiced in more than 60 countries and thousands of manufacturing facilities worldwide. In the Arabian Gulf, it is led by GPCA with the view to improve sustainability and best environmental practices at plastic manufacturing and logistics operations in the GCC.


OUR YOUTH: Committed to empowering the future talent and creating young leaders for the GCC chemical industry.

Leaders of Tomorrow is an initiative launched by GPCA in 2016 and supported by its members aimed at building local human capital in the region. The initiative falls under one of the three pillars of the association, which is advocacy by promoting STEM and bridging the gap between academia and the industry.

Student recognition and awards

Ibtikar – Rising Star in Supply Chain Award: The award is dedicated to students currently pursuing academic programs in supply chain, logistics management or any equivalent at recognized educational institutions or universities in the GCC.

Fikra – Rising Stars of the Plastics Industry Competition: A special student category award which aims to recognize young academics exceptional contribution to the field of plastic research.

GPCA Innovation Competition is a leading regional initiative aimed at engaging university students in chemical research and innovation and providing them with a valuable opportunity to gain exposure in the global chemical industry. The initiative’s inaugural edition took place at the 6th GPCA Research and Innovation Summit in Bahrain in 2019.