Mr. Surendra Patawari is the Founder and Chairman of Belgium-based recycling company, Gemini Corporation. Gemini gives a second life annually to two million tonnes of scrap across 60 countries, including 500,000 tonnes of plastics.

He is on the Advisory boards of the World Economic Forum. A part of HM King Charles initiated Sustainable Markets Initiative. And a Board Member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

Gemini is also involved in discussions on the UN Global Plastic Treaty.

He is a winner of several international awards.

Passionate about sharing, Mr. Surendra adopted 12 villages in India for their medical needs, planted 100,000 trees & built two schools for over 400 students.

Surendra Patawari

Founder & Chairman, Gemini Corporation NV, Belgium


Day 2 | 5 December 2023 | Challenges and Successes of mechanical and chemical recycling – A recycler’s perspective