Sultan Al Busaidi is a seasoned professional in the field of procurement, boasting a diverse and rich experience that spans several years. His expertise is rooted in his deep understanding of procurement strategies, supply chain management, and vendor negotiations. Sultan’s career has been marked by his ability to effectively manage procurement processes, ensuring both cost-efficiency and quality in acquisitions.

Currently, Sultan is a key member of OQ holding the position of Vice President Procurement in RPI Asset. At OQ, he plays a pivotal role in driving procurement operations, leveraging his skills to enhance the company’s operational efficiency and market competitiveness. Sultan’s work at OQ involves developing and implementing innovative procurement strategies, fostering strong supplier relationships, and overseeing a smooth supply chain flow.

Sultan Al Busaidi

Vice President of Procurement, OQ


Day 2 | 5 December 2023 | Panel discussion: Winning in the digital age of procurement