Federico has been part of Kearney’s Strategic Operations for 23 years, in the GCC since 2011. Originally from Italy, he has worked across Europe, in the US, South America, India, China and across MENA. He works in a variety of industries in supply management, with a focus on scenario planning to navigate global supply chain issues ranging from natural disasters such as droughts to human-powered scandals such as fraud. In the GCC he has worked in oil and gas, maritime infrastructure, chemicals, telecoms, consumer goods, and financial institutions.

Prior to Kearney, he worked for 10 years in engineering and construction for companies like Exxon and Shell.

After all these years “There’s always something new to look at, it’s so important to come in with a fresh pair of eyes. – What is really fascinating to me is the kind of job where you go in and you say, ‘Well, is there a different way of looking at this?” – There always is.

Federico Mariscotti

Vice President Strategic Operations, Kearney


Day 2 | 5 December 2023 | Panel discussion: Winning in the digital age of procurement

Day 2 | 5 December 2023 | Panel discussion: Realizing opportunities for procurement collaboration in the GCC