Patrick Herhold is the Co-Founder and Co-lead of BCG’s Center for Climate & Sustainability with a focus on Green Technologies and Decarbonization. He is also a long-term core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Energy, Operations, and Strategy practices.

He is an expert in climate change topics including abatement levers and their economics, markets and emissions regulation, and related strategies for private and public sector organizations.

As a global expert of BCG’s climate and sustainability team, he has authored several papers, including co-authoring with the World Economic Forum head of Climate Action Antonia Gawel “Winning the Race to Net Zero” in 2022. He is also a frequent speaker at global forums tackling the topic of energy transition including most recently COP27.

He serves as an advisor to energy companies, OEMs, investors, and associations. He currently focused on decarbonization projects.

Among other projects, Patrick led the development of a long-term ‘zero emissions’ strategy for German industry as a basis for European and national policymaking, and the development of a climate strategy for a large industrial goods player, including scenario definition, lever assessment, portfolio impact, strategy implications, and financial disclosure.

Dr. Patrick Herhold

MD and Partner, Co-Founder and Co-lead of BCG’s Center for Climate & Sustainability, BCG


Day 1 | 6 December 2022 | Leadership dialogue 1 – Clean energy transition – The GCC’s opportunity towards world leadership