Chemistry plays an essential role in providing solutions to society’s biggest challenges. The chemical industry is a partner, an innovation enabler and a key contributor to building a sustainable future. Since inception, the chemical industry in the Arabian Gulf has made tremendous progress on its journey towards sustainability. Today that journey is front and centre of the industry’s plans for the future, its investment in innovation and commitment to create value within the economy and society, while preserving the environment. With sustainable development being at the heart of GCC government visions, there has never been a better time to showcase the industry’s milestones in its journey towards sustainability and build awareness about the initiatives, technologies and inventions that enabled the industry to transform waste into value and become a leading global producer and exporter of chemicals and petrochemicals.

For the first time at the Annual GPCA Forum, join us on an immersive journey into the regional industry’s Past, Present and Future at the Sustainability Zone– a brand NEW forum feature, designed to transform delegates’ experience and enrich their knowledge about the industry’s contribution to sustainability in the region.

The district will be compromised of three main zones encompassing: The Historical Background, The Commitment and The Contribution to sustainability by the chemical industry in the Arabian Gulf. The zones will narrate powerful stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph which culminated into the regional growth through the ages. They will showcase the chemical industry’s lasting impact on our communities and society, and demonstrate sustainable resource management in practice. Delegates will also have an opportunity to learn about and explore chemistry innovations driving sustainability in the region. Digital and physical media will come together to reconstruct the journey to sustainability and create an unforgettable experience at this year’s Annual GPCA Forum.