Position your brand at the industry’s premier event

The exhibition at the 17th Annual GPCA Forum offers a prime opportunity for exhibitors to highlight their expertise and gain visibility within the industry. With a highly targeted audience of industry professionals, the exhibition provides a unique chance to connect with potential clients and partners.

We are excited to announce that the 17th Annual GPCA Forum will feature an expanded exhibition space dedicated to the petrochemical industry in the GCC region. In response to the overwhelming interest from industry leaders, this year we have expanded the exhibition to accommodate a larger number of exhibitors. This expansion has generated immense interest, attracting both regional and international exhibitors who are eager to highlight their groundbreaking projects and innovative technologies.

The exhibition at the Annual GPCA Forum aims to serve as a gateway for global corporations seeking to tap into the GCC market, providing unrivaled business and networking opportunities with key local players.

By participating in the exhibition, companies gain direct access to influential decision-makers, industry experts, and key players in the region and beyond. Presenting their projects and technologies, exhibitors can position themselves as industry leaders and stay ahead of the curve. Do not miss this unparalleled occasion to open doors for your business, network with influential figures, and make a significant impact in the thriving petrochemical industry of the GCC.


Exhibiting at the 17th Annual GPCA Forum offers a range of benefits that can significantly impact your petrochemical business. Some of the key advantages of participating as an exhibitor:

  • Unparalleled exposure: The Annual GPCA Forum is globally accepted as the premier event in the GCC region for the petrochemical industry. By exhibiting, you will gain maximum exposure to a highly targeted audience of industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential clients. This exposure can help enhance your brand visibility and reputation within the industry.
  • Networking opportunities: The forum provides exceptional networking opportunities. As an exhibitor, you will have direct access to influential individuals, including key industry players, potential partners, and government representatives. Building relationships with these stakeholders can lead to valuable collaborations, strategic alliances, and business growth.
  • Showcasing projects and technologies: The exhibition allows you to highlight your projects, technologies, and innovations to a captive audience. This is an ideal platform to demonstrate your expertise, highlight your competitive advantages, and differentiate your brand from competitors. Presenting your projects and technologies can attract potential clients, investors, and partners who are seeking innovative solutions.
  • Market intelligence: The Annual GPCA Forum attracts industry experts and thought leaders who share valuable insights and knowledge during the conference sessions and panel discussions. By participating as an exhibitor, you can gain access to this wealth of industry expertise and stay updated on the latest market trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory developments.
  • Brand positioning: Being part of a prestigious event like the Annual GPCA Forum elevates your brand’s position within the petrochemical industry. It demonstrates your commitment to the sector and positions you as an industry leader. This enhanced brand positioning can have a positive impact on your reputation, market credibility, and customer trust.
  • Business development opportunities: The forum provides a conducive environment for business development. By exhibiting, you can engage with potential clients, generate leads, and explore new business opportunities. The interactions and discussions that take place during the event can lead to fruitful partnerships, contracts, and sales.
  • Learning and professional development: In addition to the exhibition, the Annual GPCA Forum offers a comprehensive conference program featuring industry experts and thought-provoking sessions. As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to attend these sessions, expand your knowledge, and gain insights into industry best practices. This can contribute to your professional development and help you stay ahead of industry advancements.


Participating as an exhibitor at the 17th Annual GPCA Forum offers a multitude of benefits, including exposure, networking, highlighting your projects, gaining market intelligence, enhancing your brand positioning, and unlocking business development opportunities. It is an opportunity to make a lasting impact in the petrochemical industry and drive your business forward.


Stand type GPCA members rate per sqm
GPCA non-members rate per sqm
Space only $950 $1,050
Front row space only $1,200 $1,450
Premium Stands
(to be build by GPCA)Stand options:3×3
$1,300 $1,400
Pavilion space only
(India, China, Turkey, Asia)


Day 1, 5 December: 10:40-17:00
Day 2, 6 December: 09:00-17:00
Day 3, 7 December: 09:00-17:00